Since 1995 our Mission has been Simple, Help our Many Customers Grow their Business by supplying them with the Highest Quality Containers at a Competitive Price when they need them, develop and strengthen our relationships with our Vendors while providing the Best working Environment for our team at MDH Sales.Our Success will follow.

At MDH we offer a huge and always exapanding product line. We are constantly looking for products that will help us deliver greater value while responding to our customers needs. Below you will see a short list of the thousands of container products that we can supply you with.

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  • Open Head Plastic Pails
  • Tight Head Plastic Pails
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Plastic Drums
  • Thin Walled Tubs
  • Plastic Jars
  • Closures/Sprayers
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s)
  • Drum Pail Liners
  • Plastic Ink Cans


  • Open Head Steel Pails
  • Tight Head Steel Pails
  • New Steel Drums
  • Reconditioned Steel Drums


  • Round Paint Cans
  • F-Style Paint Cans
  • Utility Cans/Pour Tops
  • Slip Cover Ink Tins

Fibre Drums

UN 4G Packaging

  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Heavy Duty Foam Shippers
  • Normlock Shipping Rings

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's)


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